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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Wines of the week

    Bera 2017 Moscato d'Asti

    An unpretentious start to 2019.  From 11.80 Swiss francs, 280 Czech koruna, $14 (by the case only), 139 Swedish krona, €13.65, CA$24.20, £17.50,…

    28 Dec 2018 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Inside information

    Walter falls for Asti, sweet and now dry

    Walter is passionate about a light, sweet, lightly sparkling historic wine too often overlooked. Now joined by a dry version.  With the festive…

    17 Dec 2018 Walter Speller
  • Article Don't quote me

    Franciacorta – are unripe grapes really the key?

    Walter suggests a way forward for Italy's most famous traditional-method fizz.  Like anyone with a keen interest in wine, I couldn't help noticing…

    17 Dec 2018 Walter Speller
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Best meals of 2018

    A version of this article is published by the Financial Times.Would it be possible, my FT editor asked, a man who is about to spend his first…

    1 Dec 2018 Nick Lander
  • Article Tasting articles

    Cantina Terlano's impressive whites

    Highlights from a visit to the Alto Adige's Cantina Terlano, an exceptional co-operative with a great track record. Cantina Terlano, or Kellerei…

    29 Oct 2018 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Free for all

    Chianti Classico on a roll

    Jancis highlights the progress made in Tuscany's emblematic wine region. A version of this article is published by the Financial Times. The word…

    6 Oct 2018 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    A game changer for Romagna

    How one man has been proving significant geographical diversity in Emilia-Romagna. A couple of years ago in an article on Romagna Sangiovese I…

    3 Oct 2018 Walter Speller
  • Article Tasting articles

    Chianti Classico Night tasting notes

    Assessments of the 47 fine reds shown at our first Chianti Classico Night in London a week ago. See also details of our New York Chianti Classico…

    1 Oct 2018 Jancis Robinson Julia Harding MW
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Massimo Bottura comes to London

    I have visited Modena in Emilia-Romagna in Italy once but regrettably that was before Massimo Bottura established his world-famous restaurant,…

    29 Sep 2018 Nick Lander
  • Article Free for all

    Farewell Giuseppe Rinaldi

    Sad news came from the Langhe yesterday evening with the announcement of Giuseppe Rinaldi’s death just days before his seventieth birthday, a loss…

    3 Sep 2018 Walter Speller
  • Article Wines of the week

    ​Fontodi 2015 Chianti Classico

    From €19.80, 21.90 Swiss francs, £20, 227.90 Norwegian krone, CA$42.95, $34.99, 239 Danish krone, AU$62 Find this wine Chianti Classico seems to be…

    13 Jul 2018 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Soldera – whom doubt doth not assail

    A version of this article is published by the Financial Times. See also Tuscany April 2018. What are the signs of self-belief? I’d say taking your own…

    30 Jun 2018 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Tuscany April 2018

    What I did on my holidays... Nick and I sneaked off from this year's mammoth task of updating the World Atlas of Wine for its eighth edition (due…

    28 Jun 2018 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Tuscan treats

    A version of this article is published in the Financial Times. A week in Tuscany last month was very beautiful, if somewhat more expensive than it…

    2 Jun 2018 Nick Lander
  • Article Tasting articles

    The pleasures of Italian obscurity

    Every so often Jancis and I are invited to a tasting I find hard to resist: a selection of some of the most obscure grape varieties and wines…

    16 May 2018 Julia Harding MW