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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Inside information

    More on Diam

    If like me you are a bit geeky in your love of wine, you might like to know a bit more about my visit to the producers of Diam technical corks…

    21 Aug 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Corks fight back

    21 August 2017 See an interesting addition at the bottom of this article. See also More on Diam published today. 19 August 2017 A shorter version…

    19 Aug 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Bottle, and magnum, variation

    20 October 2016 Questions of bottle variation and resulting score variability are, not surprisingly, a perennial topic on this site and more generally…

    20 Oct 2016 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Don't quote me

    Turning back to cork

    The cork industry is thrilled to be able to report that 'leading Australian winery' Rusden 'has announced it is giving up on screwcap closures after…

    26 Jul 2012 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Inside information

    From my Inbox

    As you might imagine, my email Inbox has to be extremely capacious and robust (not least to accommodate invective associated with the vexed question…

    10 Feb 2011 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Videos

    Revolution in the cork industry - video

    See the resulting thread on members' forum. I have no axe to grind either pro or anti natural cork or screwcap but I thought you might be…

    7 Feb 2008 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Corks, screwcaps and changing attitudes

    Ex Wine Spectator editor Jim Gordon asks in a recent report on a symposium on bottle stoppers at Copia in Napa Valley, Has the Anti-Cork Tide Turned?…

    12 Nov 2007 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Wines of the week

    Green Point Vintage Brut 2004 Australia

    Find this wine as Green Point Find this wine as Domaine Chandon    As described in Moët & Chandon and its Australian protégée, I recently compared…

    4 Sep 2007 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Inside information

    A cure for cork taint?

    French biochemist Gérard Michel must be pleased with the amount of publicity his new TCA-removing kit, Dream Taste, has already garnered in the French…

    10 May 2005 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Inside information

    Musty alphabet soup - a guide to wine faults

    Julia Harding MW, currently hard at work on the viti and vini entries to be published in the 3rd edition of The Oxford Companion to Wine due out in…

    2 May 2005 Jancis Robinson