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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Learn how to be a successful restaurateur

    Details of a new day-long course in London designed for those tempted by the restaurant business. I had just been taken on a pre-opening tour around…

    16 Oct 2018 Nick Lander
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    RIP Juli Soler

    The public face of the world's most famous restaurant finally succumbed last night to the neurodegenerative disease that so unfairly blighted his last…

    6 Jul 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article Free for all

    Two dinners and a wine tasting featuring – us

    I know we must seem like a book machine here. There is the massive Wine Grapes from me, Julia and José Vouillamoz. And there is also the acclaimed Art…

    23 Oct 2012 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Nick on Australia's ABC

    Proud wife department here. Nick was in Australia all last week taking part in the Crave festival in Sydney, promoting his new book.He knew that very…

    9 Oct 2012 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Nick and L'Escargot by an outsider

    Nick was sent the following by Mark Revelle yesterday in response to an extract about his own restaurant career from his new book, The Art of the…

    11 Sep 2012 Guest contributor
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    How to name a restaurant

    Each profile in The Art of the Restaurateur is followed by a relevant rumination on one aspect of the restaurant business. In the book, Maguy Le…

    10 Sep 2012 Nick Lander
  • Article Free for all

    Nick's new book - special offer

    Nick has written a book, The Art of the Restaurateur,  which, via profiles of 20 top practitioners of the art of being a restaurateur (as opposed to a…

    10 Sep 2012 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    How to run Le Bernardin

    We are delighted to publish this extract from Nick's new book The Art of the Restaurateur, which featured on the cover of last week's Economist, no…

    8 Sep 2012 Nick Lander