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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Tasting articles

    An emotional Cockburn port tasting

    I’m such a hardened old nut, it’s not often that wine tastings bring tears to my eyes, but I did find myself with distinctly blurred vision towards…

    17 Mar 2015 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Reviving Cockburn

    This is a longer version of an article also published in the Financial Times. See my full account of the tasting and tasting notes back to 1896.…

    29 Sep 2012 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    When Cockburn was great

    A couple of weeks ago, a small group of us had the best excuse ever to take ourselves out to Oporto in northern Portugal: we had been invited by the…

    27 Sep 2012 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Syms to own Cockburn's, lock, stock & barrel

    What's the opposite of diversification? That's certainly what the Symington family seem set on. The Portugal-based family company that already owns…

    8 Oct 2010 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Don't quote me

    Symington and Cockburn

    Well we did rather wonder how the bourbon-based company Jim Beam was going to digest the Cockburn’s port and Harvey’s sherry it acquired when Allied…

    2 Jun 2006 Jancis Robinson