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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Free for all

    The (increasing) problem of lightstrike

    7 July 2016 As part of our Throwback Thursday series we are republishing this article published on Monday as one of Alex's bi-monthly contributions to…

    7 Jul 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Inside information

    Those AWAC wine faults in full

    22 October 2014 Today, in response to the recent thread on our Members' forum about yeasty and mousy flavours in wine, we are republishing Jancis's…

    22 Oct 2015 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Inside information

    More on the battle against Brett

    In response to news of the AWRI's recent breakthrough in the management of Brett, notably in sequencing the genome of Dekkera (Brettanomyces)…

    5 Dec 2011 Guest contributor
  • Article Inside information

    Breakthrough in the battle against Brett

    See Peter Godden's response in More on the battle against Brett. Researchers at the AWRI (Australian Wine Research Institute) in Adelaide have…

    24 Nov 2011 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Free for all

    Oxygen and wine - the latest

    Oxygen and its impact on wine is a hot topic at the moment, fuelling fervent activity around the world to discover more about how oxygen can be…

    15 Jul 2010 Richard Hemming MW
  • Article Inside information

    Wine faults - delicious!

    See also Those wine faults in full. Along with about 30 others, I spent all of yesterday cloistered in an upper room at Australia House in…

    30 Jun 2009 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Taber on cork

    This is a longer version of an article also published in the Financial Times.In the 1990s I went to take a look at Amorim in Portugal, the world’s…

    17 Nov 2007 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Adding water to wine

    I wrote the following article for the dozen or so publications I syndicate a column to every two months. It has just appeared in the San Francisco…

    31 Dec 2002 Jancis Robinson