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Invitation to our monthly tasting - The Winery W9

You are invited to our next tasting on Monday 18th November from 17.00-21.00h at our shop in Clifton Road W9.

Our line-up features a spread of recent arrivals from the Veneto, the Rheingau, the Mosel, Ventoux, Rioja and Bordeaux. We visited Kilian Franzen and his girlfriend Angelina Lenz over the summer. They have vines on the Mosel in the Bremmer Calmont, the steepest vineyard in Europe (if not the world). They are both fresh out of college and have taken over Kilian’s parents’ winery. We will be tasting the new wine in their line-up, complete with a new label, “Der Sommer war sehr Gross” (the summer was great). Breezy, slate-infused and minerally.

Biodynamic Rheingau grower Peter-Jakob Kuhn’s delicious 2012 dry Rieslings have also just arrived. Biodynamic? That’s the extreme end of organic viticulture where decisions are made according to the cycles of the moon.

We will be kicking off with our favourite Bosco del Merlo organic Prosecco – back in and made by the Paladin family in Annone Veneto. Milly and Carlo Paladin also make a spicy Traminer, the aromatic white.

Raphael Trouillard makes herbal reds at the base of the Mont Ventoux, where the Rhone valley meets Provence. We will be opening his Elicio rouge, a blend of Grenache and Merlot.

Last time we visited Rioja producer Roberto Pangua Sodupe we thought we would expire at his lunch table after our tasting. The entire contents of the local butcher’s shop were brought in and grilled over vine cuttings in the corner of the tasting room. Fortunately we survived. On Monday we will be showing his Rioja Crianza, the very happy medium between the young Joven wine and the Reserva.

Bordeaux will complete our line-up - Philippe Riviere’s Chateau de Lavagnac. Philippe co-owns Clos des Menuts, one of our favourite Saint-Emilions. Lavagnac is down the hill, just inside the Bordeaux Superieur zone.

We do hope you can join us and, as usual, feel free to bring a friend.

You can also keep in touch on Facebook.

Ben, Giorgio, Dan, David and Isabelle, our new intern from Germany.

Event details

Date Monday 18 November 2013
Time 5pm to 9pm
Event type Walk-around tasting
Booking required? No
Venue details The Winery, 4 Clifton Road, London W9 1SS, London, London, United Kingdom