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It's Not Your Fault: Winemaker's December Clinic

It's Not Your Fault: Winemaker's December Clinic

If you’ve ever wondered what a corked wine really tastes like, who this Brett fellow is or how a wine can smell like rotten eggs, then this tasting is for you!

Wine knowledge is simply experience, memory and a bit of vocabulary; to spot a faulty wine you need to have tasted it before and locked the aroma in your memory. This tasting aims to build up those reference points so you’ll have the confidence to call out bad wine – it’s not your fault!

Whether you’re an interested amateur or old pro wanting to swot up, Vagabond’s resident Winemaker will guide you through common wine faults, explaining how each one is formed along the way.

We will finish on some delicious 2017 vintage Vagabond wines made in Battersea itself to cleanse the palate!

Event details

Date Saturday 8 December 2018
Time 3pm to 5pm
Event type Masterclass
Cost £50
Booking required? Yes
Venue details Vagabond Battersea Power Station, Unit 12 Circus Village West Circus Road West, Phase 1 Battersea Power Station, Suite number, intersection, plaza, square, London, England, United Kingdom