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Sherry & Tapas Tasting

Book now to secure your place on the exciting, informative and fun Sherry and Tapas tasting.

Andalucia in South Spain houses both the home of Sherry, Jerez de la Frontera and the home of tapas, Sevilla. The complexity and diversity of both make them fantastic candidates for some of the most interesting, informative and fun wine and food matching. Our Sherry & Tapas Tastings include practical demonstrations of how different food elements combine with differing styles of wine. A selection of 6-7 delicious sherries are tasted with different types of tapas.

At a Sherry & Tapas Tasting you'll be matching:

Aperitif Moscatel with mixed fruit saladDry Manzanilla with sardines and apple (Heston B recipe)Dry fino with olives, walnuts & almondsDry amontillado with pecorino/manchego cheese drizzled in honey & bread with hazlenut oilPalo Cortado 30 year old with serrano ham and gingerbreadSweet oloroso 30 year old with fruit cake & a slice of stiltonand the uber-sweet Pedro Ximenez 30 year old drizzled over vanilla ice cream & dark chocolateTwo of the Sherries are 30-year-old fine & rare styles that are simply stunning.

If you still believe sherry is yesterday's tipple from generations passed and that it should only be seen at Christmas then this tasting will change your mind. This is the tasting that consistently surprises people and they often go forth with a new love for Sherry!

Event details

Date Wednesday 5 June 2013
Time 7pm to 9pm
Event type Tutored tasting
Cost £35
Booking required? Yes
Venue details Fulham Wine Cellars, London, London, United Kingdom