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Sommeliers Choice Awards

Sommeliers Choice Awards

Sommeliers Choice Awards is an international wine competition within the United States that would be judged entirely by sommeliers only. The competition will focus exclusively on the needs of on-premise establishments such as bars, restaurants, lounges, and clubs, making this competition fundamentally different from any other wine competition within the U.S.

The goal of the Sommeliers Choice Awards is simple: to provide experienced on premise buyers and sommeliers a valuable benchmark for understanding which wines would make a compelling addition to a wine list.

Medals will be awarded to those wines that meet very specific judging criteria, with a goal of identifying wines that should become additions to restaurant wine lists. Wines will be judged according to criteria such as how well they pair with food items in addition to their overall versatility. Highest marks will be awarded to wines that provide value for money at their respective price points. Judges know the trade prices of each wine as they are judging each flight. Hence the winning wines would be the one that would score the highest for its quality, typicity, value, and packaging.

List of Sommeliers Choice Awards

Double Gold – 96 points and aboveGold – 90-95 pointsSilver – 80-89 pointsBronze – 70-79 points

Wine of the YearWhite Wine of the YearRed Wine of the YearSparkling Wine of the YearRose Wine of the YearFortified Wine of the Year

Wine of the Year - BTG (By The Glass)White Wine of the Year - BTG (By The Glass)Red Wine of the Year - BTG (By The Glass)Sparkling Wine of the Year - BTG (By The Glass)Rose Wine of the Year - BTG (By The Glass)Fortified Wine Of The Year - BTG (By The Glass)

Other special awards

Importer of the YearDistributor of the yearWine of the Year (By Country) - Only top 10 Countries (USA, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Germany, South Africa)Wine of the Year (By Varietal) - Only top 10 Varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pino Noir, Merlot, Shiraz/Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Pino Grigio/Gris, Riesling)

Key Dates:

Domestic Registration Ends: April 10, 2019International Registration Ends: February 28, 2019Warehouse Closes For Samples: April 20, 2019Judging: May 19-20, 2019Winners Announced: June 10, 2019

Fee Schedule (Per Wine)

$90 * – Please visit our website to avail the best offer.

(Price in USD)

For More Information, Kindly Visit:

For further more inquiries, feel free to email us at

Event details

Date Sunday 19 May 2019
Time 10am to 5pm
Event type Wine club meeting
Cost $90 *
Booking required? Yes
Venue details 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, 2019-05-20, United States