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The Magic of the Bubbles London

We invite you to experience true creativity and the magic of the magnum bubbles in our exclusive Pop Up tasting of Growers Champagne and Premium Sparkling Wine poured from Magnum. Join us on November 7th 2012 at 7 pm at this exciting event in in the hip PayneShurvell Art Gallery in London.

Magnum means "extra-large" in Latin, and in wine it refers to the 1,5l bottle size. It is a well known fact among wine extperts that wine bottled in magnum ages better and develops complexities not possible in a regular bottle size.

This is particularly significant for ¨Méthode Traditionelle¨ Sparkling Wines, such as Champagne, as Magnum is optimum size for the second fermentation in the bottle. However as this format requires a lot more manual handling and it is rare, and always more exclusive and excquisite than the ordinary 75cl bottle.

Growers Champagne is exclusive by definition as it can only be produced from the growers own grapes. As the grower generally has most of his vineyards in the same area, growers Champagne is often a wonderful expression of the growers terroir or specific location within Champagne. The volumes produced are always relatively small and to find a bottle in Magnum is often a real quest! 

Our tasting is limited to 20 people and the wines all stand out by their individuality and expression of their unique terroir and winemaking. We will pour 4 Grower's Champagnes, 2 premium Cava and 1 English Sparkling from Magnum focussing for each wine on the purity of their specific terroir. All the wines are available for purchase in the UK - but often not in Magnum - and we aim to provide details of where you can stock up on them.

We have chosen the wines in function of their exclusive character, their approachability and ability to pair well with food. Each wine has a story to tell and we believe these terroir wines will allow you to discover a different dimension in sparkling wine especially when poured from Magnum and paired with our tantalizing food selection of oysters, iberic ham, foie gras, parmigiano reggiano, and other especially well matched appetisers. 

This one of a kind tasting will take place in the trendy and buzzy Hoxton neighbourhood in central London in the hip PayneShurvell Art Gallery. The background for the tasting Hannah Brown: The Unseen Landscape exhibition. Time Out Magazine describes the exhibition as "Modestly scaled paintings that capture perfectly the stillness and often brooding nature of the English landscape." We feel that these landscape pictures are another expression of terroir and that they add value to our tasting by setting the perfect backdrop.

This exclusive tasting experience will be hosted by two naturally entertaining wine educators. Onneca and Caroline are both certified sommeliers, writers and wine consultants obsessed by sparkling wines and terroir. Caroline Henry is specializing in grower's Champagne and lives and works in Hautvillers, Champagne. Onneca Guelbenzu worked for several years in Penedes, the heart of the Cava district and lives and works in Switzerland.

IMPORTANT: Confirm your presence on Since this tasting is limited to 20 people booking is essential :-)

Event details

Date Monday 7 October 2013
Time 7pm
Event type Tutored tasting
Booking required? No
Venue details PayneShurvell Art Gallery, 16 Hewett Street (off Curtain Rd), EC2A 3NN, London,