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West London Wine School: Produttori del Barbaresco - The 2011 Crus

The most famous of the north western wine regions of Italy is Piemonte, and it is arguable that it is the most renowned of all Italy’s wine producing regions. Home to Barolo and Barbaresco, both made solely from the Nebbiolo grape that performs particularly well on the slopes around the town of Alba, Piemonte produces some of the most famous, and increasingly sought after, wines in the World. These are wines that manage to harmonise power and finesse, harnessing the abundant tannins of nebbiolo to richness and concentration but, in good examples, never tipping over into heaviness. They have all the components necessary to make wines that can age for many years and achieve a silky elegance that reminds many of the finest Burgundies.

At Produttori del Barbaresco a quiet transformation has taken place in recent years that is nothing short of remarkable. Far from a sleepy, old-fashioned cooperative winery, the Produttori have stepped up their game big time over the last decade or so. The new winery is decked out with gleaming fermentation tanks, while old, large casks have been put out to pasture, replaced by medium size casks that are far more practical. The wines remain reference-points, though, especially in years in which the Produttori make their flagship Riservas. Longtime Managing Director Aldo Vacca describes 2011 is an outlier, as it is a warm vintage, yet the wines have retained much of their personalities because evening temperatures moderated in the weeks leading up to harvest, which allowed each of the vineyards to develop their signatures. The Produttori's Riservas remain some of the greatest values in the realm of fine, cellar worthy reds.

All the wines retail around £40.

Barbaresco Pajè Barbaresco Muncagota Barbaresco PoraBarbaresco Rio SordoBarbaresco AsiliBarbaresco OvelloBarbaresco MonteficoBarbaresco Montestefiano

Event details

Date Thursday 19 October 2017
Time 7pm to 9pm
Event type Tutored tasting
Cost £40
Booking required? Yes
Venue details The Wine Cellars, Big Yellow Storage, 71 Townmead Rd, Fulham, SW6 2ST, Fulham, London, United Kingdom