Concise World Atlas of Wine

Released in 2009, as trailed on TV Jancis, is this season's offering for your bookshelf, or rather for your briefcase, backpack and what is quaintly known by some as the glove compartment of your car, the Concise World Atlas of Wine

It is aimed at students and travellers, or simply those on a budget. With its slightly smaller format, lightweight jacket, a minimum of photographs and much briefer introduction, it gives you all the texts and all the maps without frills - and it weighs just 1.22 kg, or well under 3 lb (compared with the full sixth edition's 2.25 kg).

RRP of the new Concise edition is £18.99 /$29.99 (as opposed to the giveaway price of £35/$50 for the mother book) and similar amounts in other currencies. Needless to say, Amazon offer huge discounts.