Jancis Robinson's Guide to Wine Grapes

A deceptively compact, pocket guide to the world's increasingly fascinating roster of relevant wine grape varieties. It was written a decade later than Vines, Grapes & Wines so is much more au courant

It appeared in Danish in 1995, entitled Vin og Druer. It has also been translated into Italian as Guida ai Vitigni del Mondo by the admirable Slow Food movement (Slow Food Guide to Wine), something in Japanese by WANDS, Guia de Castas in Portuguese by Cotovia, and most splendidly in German by Hallwag with beautiful colour photographs of all the vines as Rebsorten

'Robinson is to be congratulated for condensing so much information into such a tidy package, and for giving us, finally, a manageable book on wine grapes. We shall be using it often.' Quarterly Review of Wines 

'lively, knowledgeable prose' Wine Spectator