This small and growing region right up in the southern foothills of the Pyrenees is potentially one of Spain's most exciting, even if much of its produce tends to be fashioned in the image of international classics (including red and white burgundy) rather than demonstrating more inherently Spanish qualities. The innovative producer Viñas del Vero nevertheless has a fine, juicily vinified Tempranillo and a surprisingly delicate Gewürztraminer. Enate, another company in private hands, also makes some fine reds and whites from imported grape varieties while the dynamic local co-op, Bodegas Pirineos, nurtures the region’s own grapes Moristel and Parraleta. This is another Spanish wine region worthy of international attention.

Some favourite producers: Blecua, Enate, Idrias, Laus, Castillo de Monesma, Pirineos, Secastilla, Viñas del Vero. 

In a nutshell
Smart, crisp Chardonnay and international-style reds.