How to administer your group professional membership

When you purchase a group professional membership, you will become the administrator for that group. In order to grant full professional access to to a person in your group, you first need to invite them to become a member of your group and then, when they accept your invitation, you need to allocate them a seat in your group. 

Finding your way around the professional membership administration area of the site

  • If you have just purchased a group professional membership, in the user menu (the person icon, top right of any page) select My account then Group membership this takes you to your group professional membership administration area. After you have added at least one more member to your group, the group name will appear in the user menu and this will be a direct link to your group professional membership administration area whenever you are logged in to the site.
  • You can Edit the name of your group in the Edit tab. This name will be visible to all members allocated seats in your group.
  • The Subscriptions tab displays information about your current group subscription – the number of users who may have seats in the group and the date the subscription expires – as well as a link to Manage seats, where you can allocate seats to people who are already within your group. If you have any unallocated seats within your group membership, a drop-down menu on this page allows you to select from all members of your group who don’t currently have a seat. When you allocate a seat, that individual receives a notification email. 
  • The Members tab displays information about current members of your group. In the Operations column, you can remove members who leave your organisation, and you can allocate the Administrator role to other members of the group. More than one group member can be an Administrator at any given time. At the top of this page is also a link to Invite members to the join the group – this will generate an email template that you can edit to personalise the invitation (see below) – but please don't edit the @register_url placeholder as this generates a user-specific link.
  • The Invitations tab displays any invitations you have sent that have not yet been accepted. You have the option to withdraw these invitations. You can also Invite members to join the group from a link at the top of this page.

What happens when you invite a member to join the group?

When you send a group invitation email the recipient receives a link to register on the site. After following this link to register, they will then receive an automated email containing a one-time login link. At first login they will be asked to reset their password. They will also be given a link to accept your group invitation. Note: after they accept your invitation they will not have full access to the site until they have been allocated a seat.

You will receive a notification email whenever a group invitation is accepted – this contains a link to your Manage seats dashboard where you can allocate them a seat.

The group member will receive a notification email when you allocate them a seat, informing them that they now have access to the site. 

If you find you need to purchase additional seats for your group membership, please contact

If you accidentally remove the administrator role from your own account, or if the Administrator leaves your organisation leaving no current Administrator with access to the group membership, please contact for the Admin role to be reassigned.