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Latest articles

29 July 2014 - Very many thanks to everyone who has contacted us so far to nominate their favourite wine merchant(s). Do please read the rules below. This is a writing competition, so we're looking for your words about why you like a retailer, not just a name. And we'd love you to include an... More...
This article has also been syndicated. China was for long seen by wine exporters as El Dorado - a mysterious place that promised golden rewards if one could but crack the code. But that is now definitively unravelling amid signs that it is all very much more complicated and less... More...
Here is the first published entry in our Indie writing competition and it is a model of its kind. David Muhleman has been careful to describe the place, the people, the selection, the prices, and just what makes it special:   If you have been to Barolo/Barbaresco , then I... More...
Wine writer and educator Young Shi commutes between London and Shanghai and represents my interests in China. She was rather shaken by what she found on her visit to Barolo last week. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain Telling me just what a fool I've been I wish that it would go and... More...

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Then we must do it. At least to collect five different vineyard GGs from five different vintages. Will be most fun. The 2011s I tasted prior to bottling and since then I have only tasted. More...
Haha, yes! A crude attempt indeed... But that's the funny thing - it wasn't all that light towards the end when it gained volume and richness. But from the beginning, if I would have poured you. More...
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