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Fine wine writing aplenty

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    Portland, city of food

    The chef sitting opposite me in his restaurant in downtown Portland, Oregon, looked the epitome of the young American chef.He was bearded and wearing…

    25 Mar 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Disappointment in Meadowood, California

    Chefs shoulder a heavy responsibility, one that is unique among all professionals. They, and only they, are trusted to select, prepare and cook…

    21 Mar 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    The Chancery - now on my radar

    ‘On my radar’ is a stock response I have developed for any PR who emails me with the details of a restaurant that they believe I must review. The…

    14 Mar 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Lunch at Big Sur, thanks to Purple Pages

    Of all the restaurants in all the world, Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn on Highway 1 at Big Sur in California starts with the greatest natural…

    11 Mar 2015 Nick Lander
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    Only in Dubai

    This is a version of an article also published in the Financial Times.I readily accepted the invitation to be a speaker at GRIF, the recent Global…

    7 Mar 2015 Nick Lander
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    Jonathan Downey: king of London popups

    I had just reached the top floor of Street Feast in Hawker House, east London, where that night crisp crab tostados, whisky roulette, a bar with an…

    28 Feb 2015 Nick Lander
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    Dutch masters at RIJKS

    Lunch and dinner at RIJKS, the new restaurant in the shadow of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, not only broadened my hitherto limited knowledge of…

    21 Feb 2015 Nick Lander
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    Restaurants - what's in a name?

    My photo shows a love-in taking place around the pass, where chefs put dishes ready to go out to diners, at London’s River Café last week.On the left…

    18 Feb 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Din Tai Fung - 2.3 million dumplings a month

    It may seem ungracious of me to write this, living as I do in London where restaurants are opening at a faster rate than in any other city, but the…

    14 Feb 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Grilling gets hot in London

    John Doe, Kitty Fisher’s and Peckham Bazaar are three very contrasting restaurants in three very different parts of London.The former is the new…

    7 Feb 2015 Nick Lander
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    Bree Street, Cape Town: food with a view

    Cape Town’s natural beauty is so striking that it is impossible for any chef to compete.At the restaurant in The Twelve Apostles hotel, Azure, the…

    31 Jan 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Teaming up at La Trompette

    A version of this article is published by The Financial Times.An American couple, long resident in London, arrived for supper with us enthusiastically…

    24 Jan 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    NW5's French connection

    Nine kilometres separate the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle in London SW7 from the much newer Collège Français Bilingue de Londres in London NW5.…

    17 Jan 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Blasts from the past - Bâtard and The Simone, NYC

    This is a version of an article that is also published by the Financial Times.The renaissance of 151 East 82nd Street as The Simone and 239 West…

    10 Jan 2015 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Nick eats in Romania

    There were numerous reasons for accepting an invitation to speak at the first wine and food event to be held in Timișoara in the heart of western…

    7 Jan 2015 Nick Lander