Learn about wine

We'd like everyone to know as much as possible about wine. Knowledge is power! There is a wealth of free background information on just about everything to do with wine here. Take your pick from the topics below!

  • Wine regions

    Wine regions

    Wine is geography in a bottle. Take advantage of these free guides to the world's most important wine regions.

  • Grape varieties

    Grape varieties

    Grapes add enormously to wine's infinite variety. Enjoy our free introductions to nearly 700 wine grapes. For nearly a million words on 1,368 of them, check out our multi-award-winning book Wine Grapes.

  • Drinking wine

    Drinking wine

    There is no substitute for practical experience – especially when it comes to wine. Here are our tips on how to get started, from how to taste to how to choose a wine glass.

  • Wine vocabulary

    Wine vocabulary

    Sound like a pro. Wine tasting and winemaking have their own language. Here's your insider guide to the jargon. Note how many terms there are.

  • Vintages


    Growing seasons vary enormously from year to year. Here's your free guide to the most relevant vintages in the most significant regions. We think these brief descriptions are more useful than a numerical score.

  • Food matching

    Food matching

    For many people, one of the most challenging aspects of wine is knowing how to match food and wine. Here are some useful insider tips, of which the most important is: don't worry!

  • Where to buy

    Where to buy

    We have tried to assemble as comprehensive a collection as possible of contact details for useful wine retailers around the world. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions for additions or deletions.

  • Where to store

    Where to store

    It's horribly easy to ruin wine by storing it in the wrong conditions. Take advantage of our detailed guide to professional wine storage facilities around the world. Prices are based on typical rates in 2020/21.

  • Regional wine websites

    Regional wine websites

    A collection of the web's most useful sites about specific wine regions.