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Tamlyn Currin

Tamlyn writes delightfully. She has a particular interest in sustainability, food-and-wine pairing, beverages other than wine, and artisan producers. Every year she pores over dozens of wine books, reviewing them with reverential respect for the time and sacrifice it takes to write a book, and ruthless attention to detail (pity the author who submits a badly written book). Her great loves are wines off the beaten track, Eastern Europe, Languedoc and Roussillon, and German wine (for which she blames Michael Schmidt entirely). She also adores vermouth and cocktails with a bitter twist. Negroni is her brunch drink, if Bloody Mary isn't on tap. She'll eat anything – at least once. She shone in the WSET Diploma exams and is a keen taster. Like Julia, she is a particular stickler for detail and consistency. If you don't like metaphors, steer clear of her tasting notes.

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