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Grape to Grain: A Wine & Beer Event with Toast Ale at Humble Grape Battersea

Wednesday 19 June 2019


Wednesday 19 June, 7PM

Hosted by our own Humble wine expert, and our friends at Toast Ale.

Served with a selection of breads & cheeses.

In a consuming world, its refreshing to be a name that adopts a much greener ethos! Our lovely friends at Toast Beer have put sustainability at the forefront of their business and working methods, and it is something we at Humble Grape echo entirely. Everything from selecting our wines, to the producers we work with, even how we package and transport our goods is carefully considered. How lovely to have like-minded friends likes these then!

And so, we thought it be a grand idea to put on an event that celebrated all things green (in the form of a beer and wine tasting, of course). Much like we do with wine, Toast make their beers in a way that shakes up the norm, and introduces them very much as an aperitif, and as a pairing with food. Could we honestly ask for more?!

We’ll be sampling our way through three beers and three wines of equally intriguing and militantly sustainable stature, to not only celebrate the sensory brilliance and versatility of the produce themselves, but to educate us all on the importance of the pursuit of environmental kindness, in how they’re all made.

Sounds like an excellent excuse for a very guilt-free evening of tipple-tasting, wouldn’t you say?

Both Toast Ale & Humble Grape hold similar ethos regarding sustainability:

At Humble Grape, we believe wine is for sharing & that each wine-drinker should be allowed to build their own version of their wine world (hence, ‘your world wine’ you see all over!) We seek out hand-crafted wines made by people with love, & import them directly from small, family-run winemakers get the representation they deserve, & because they’re made with loving care, all of the wines are biodynamic, organic or from sustainable vineyards.

We aim to reduce, reuse & recycle in all areas of our operation (even our menu paper is made from grape skins!)

Toast Ale are making beer from surplus bread! They source bread from bakeries all over London. As they've grown, they now work with sandwich manufacturers like Adelie Foods. They create over 3 million Food To Go products a week, including sandwiches that don’t use the heel end of the loaf. These fresh slices of bread are segregated and delivered to our brewers the next day.

Food production is the biggest impact that we have on the environment – it uses huge amounts of land, water and energy – yet one-third of all food is wasted. That’s 1.3 billion tonnes wasted globally every year – 15 million tonnes in the UK. We’re trashing the planet to produce food that no-one eats.

Event details

Wednesday 19 June 2019
19:00 to 20:30
Tutored tasting
Booking required
Venue details
2 Battersea Rise London SW11 1ED