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What the Funk? Informal tasting evening of organic, biodynamic and natural wines

What the Funk? Informal TastingVinoteca FarringdonThursday 24th April, 6-9pm

What the Funk? Well, I'm glad you ask - this April at Vinoteca we're celebrating all things organic, biodynamic, real and natural. In association with Real Wine Month, we're holding a tasting of all our funkiest wines to discover what's really going on at the wildest end of winemaking. Whether they're produced from organically-grown grapes, whether the winemaker likes to follow the biodynamic calendar and bury cow horns of manure in the vineyards, or whether they're made with minimal intervention and low sulphur, all of them are delicious examples of wines made with serious care and attention.

How it works: we open the wines, you get stuck in. Or, more precisely, arrive anytime between 6 and 9pm (we think you’ll need around an hour or two to get the most out of it), grab a glass and taste your way around some new discoveries. Come by yourself and have a chat to our staff or bring some friends and make an evening of it – the more the merrier.

Tickets are priced at £15.00 and are available at 

Event details

Date Thursday 24 April 2014
Time 6pm to 9pm
Event type Walk-around tasting
Cost £15
Booking required? Yes
Venue details Vinoteca, 7 St John Street, London, London, United Kingdom