Frühroter Veltliner

Also known as Malvasier, and grown on about 600 ha (1,500 acres) in the Weinviertel district of Lower Austria. The grapes are red-skinned but, like Pinot Gris/Grauburgunder this far south doesn't stand much chance of developing interesting flavours. It therefore makes less exciting wine than Grüner Veltliner in Austria but its lower acidity makes it particularly suitable for more northerly wine regions. It is planted to a limited extent in the Rheinhessen in Germany where it is known as Frühroter Malvasier, or occasionally Roter Malvasier. It is also grown, known simply as Veltliner, in some old Alto Adige vineyards in the Italian Tirol, and, as Malvoisie Rouge d'Italie, in France's sub-alpine wine region Savoie. And there is even an Argentine example, from the Austrian-owned Norton of course.