English Vintage Chart: 2009 to 2018

Vintage information pre-2018 was kindly provided by Stephen Skelton MW


Probably the best vintage of the modern era thanks to the warm summer that produced large volumes of top-quality fruit. While the sparkling wines will be excellent, it is the still wines that are especially promising, especially the Chardonnay and Pinot Noirs. See also 2018 – England’s miracle vintage.


Better yields than in 2016, though frost damage affected many vineyards in the south-east of England. Sugar levels were good at harvest, thanks to some hot spells in June and a mostly dry harvest period, and acid levels were mostly well-balanced too. Total harvest 4.5 m bottles off 2,275 hectares.


Very low yields made things difficult for many producers, but quality was at least generally good. The eastern part of England had the better weather, and ripeness reached record levels in many cases. Total harvest 4.15 m bottles off 2,100 hectares.


A frost-free spring led to a cool spring. Flowering weather was very good, but two weeks late, and with a cool summer, characterised by untypical cool nights, grapes were slow to develop. August and most of September were cooler than average and many growers were despairing of harvesting later varieties. However, a good end to September and an exceptionally warm October saved growers and most picked good yields of healthy grapes. Altogether a very good year for both still and sparkling wines, although Chardonnay based sparkling wines will want long ageing. Total harvest estimated to be 4.5 m bottles off 1,600 hectares.


A dream year for UK vineyards with little frost, very good flowering weather, a cool wet August, but warm September and October. Most growers had very good crops with excellent sugars and acids. Still wines very good and sparklers up to the high quality of 2009. Total harvest 6.32 m bottles off 1,506 hectares.


An early frost-free spring then led to a cool spell with very good, but very late, flowering weather. Grapes developed slowly with one of the latest harvests on record in modern times. Some growers still picking in mid-November. Not a great year for still wines and sparklers will be long-lived. Total harvest 4.45 m bottles off 1,571 hectares.


A year best forgotten for many growers. Really bad flowering weather and high disease pressures saw some growers (but by no means all) pick nothing. However, those wines that were produced are of good quality. Total yield 1.03 m bottles off 1,297 hectares. Lowest average yield ever recorded.


Poor flowering with widespread millerandage especially on Pinots saw some growers struggling. Fair quality, but not the greatest. Total vintage 3.02 m bottles off 1,208 hectares.


Ideal flowering conditions and a warm summer saw another early harvest with some growers having to pick Pinots early as sugars were getting too high. A very good year for both still and sparkling wines. Total vintage 4.05 m bottles off 1,095 hectares.


Very little spring frost, perfect flowering weather, rain at the right time and warm dry weather at the end of the season resulted in an early harvest with high sugars and balanced acids. Great year for both still and sparkling wines. Total vintage 3.18 m bottles off 946 hectares.