Wine storage - Australia

The below information was compiled in June 2014 and reviewed in October 2022. We welcome any updates or corrections via the contact form.

Storage details Rate per case Insurance Free Delivery Online


+61 (0)2 8006 6180

from AUD 3.95/month Yes No Yes

Kennards Self Storage

Locations across Australia.

1800 658 855

from AUD 17.5/month Yes No No

MW Wines

+61 (0)3 9419 6990

- No No Yes

National Storage

See website for all locations.

Also offers a specialised wine storage service, Wine Ark (below), which is Australia's largest wine storage provider.

+61 (0) 300 857 483

- Yes No Yes

Pentridge Cellars

Pentridge Cellars is situated in the D Division building of the former Pentridge Prison in Melbourne. This historical site was established more than 160 years ago and served as a key prison complex in Victoria until its closure in 1997. Pentridge Cellars’ joint directors Paul Tardivel and Michael Woodworth have spearheaded this rejuvenation project, driven by their enthusiasm for fine wine and heritage preservation.

Each former jail cell is now a wine storage facility being some 200 cells/cellars. All are available to purchase outright meaning you have legal title to the actual jail cell. They are selling the cells at present. Possibly the only 'purpose-built' wine storage-facility available to buy and own legally.

24-hour CCTV, individual swipe cards, all-hours access, concierge service for cataloguing and same-day delivery, cutting-edge climate-control technology.

+61 (0) 419 204 341

- No No No

Rushcutters Wine Storage

Based in Sydney's eastern suburbs, conveniently close to Sydney's CBD. Cellars maintained at 12-14°C and 65-75% humidity.

+61 (0)2 9361 3380

from AUD 1.68/month No No No

The Tunnels Wine Storage

+61 (0)403 161 461

from AUD 1.70/month No No No

Wine Ark

Now with 15 sites across Australia. Offer private wine vaults, managed cellarage and bulk storage for palletised wine.

+61 300 946 327

- Yes No Yes


+61 (0)433 885 929

from AUD 2.94/month No No Yes