Professional membership

Last updated: 14 February 2024

If you would like to use our tasting notes or scores, please consider our Professional membership as it gives you the exclusive right to quote what we write in your own publicity and marketing or on your website. Professional membership also provides considerable savings if your organisation has more than one member.

Professional membership benefits

  • Commercial reuse of tasting notes (details below)
  • A 48-hour preview of all scheduled articles, including tasting notes and events
  • Considerable savings for each member of a Professional group of two or more
  • Flexible group membership – you can re-allocate membership when your team changes

How to subscribe?

To upgrade an existing membership please write to:

For new Professional memberships, click here.

Pricing (per year)

1 member £180
2–4 members £300
5–9 members £430
10–14 members £630
15–20 members £900 (just £45 per user!)

Commercial reuse of content

Permission for our tasting notes to be reproduced for commercial purposes (online, in printed marketing materials, on retail display etc) is automatically enjoyed only* by wine retailers, producers, distributors and importers holding a current Professional membership.

There are, as you will understand, a few small but very important conditions:

  • that (written thus) is always cited with every tasting note
  • for website reuse, we would welcome a live link from the tasting note to
  • that the author of the tasting note is credited (note that the author may not necessarily be Jancis – look for the initials at the end of the tasting note)
  • that the tasting note is given in full, not quoted partially, out of context or misquoted
  • that the tasting note is exactly matched to the correct wine, and is not quoted for the same wine of another vintage, or a different wine made by the same producer

For any extracts from articles (whether published free or for members only), unless specific permission is sought, the following conditions should be met:

  • the author is credited
  • there is a link to if the quote is published online
  • the extract is no more than 250 words long and is not changed or edited in any way

For any other copyright enquiries, please write to

*Data aggregators and paid subscription services are excluded from these terms and must write to for permission to reproduce any content.