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Last updated: 5 September 2021

We are very fortunate in having such an incredibly loyal, articulate, appreciative group of members of JancisRobinson.com. Read their kind words.

What members say about JancisRobinson.com

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Richard Ballantyne MW, Noble Grape, UK, 2 September 2021
I read lots of wine writers’ articles for my day job, this is the only site I read for fun.

Ben Gunn, 22 January 2016
Just to let you know that your Burgundy 14 notes are an invaluable guide to my buying. I've given up buying almost any Bordeaux en primeur, but still buy a fair bit of burgundy as its so tricky to get mature stuff otherwise. So, thank you.

Auden Witter, UK, 6 January 2016
I have said before – and repeat for all you tireless (as well as clever, amusing and so individual) sources of all things vinous at Purple Pages – that you should seriously consider an increase in the annual subscription fee. Perhaps such a move, however, might deter younger subscribers? Anyway, you are all, to me, well worth my Winter Fuel Payment!

Andy MacFaul, UK, 4 January 2016
Almost of all my purchases seem to have GV, VGV or VVGV somewhere in the tasting note. It all goes to prove that there is now so much good quality wine from around the world and you don't have to break the bank to get them either. And I wouldn't know about any of them were it not for the indispensable intelligence provided by Purple Pages!

Gavin Quinney, Ch Bauduc, France, 3 November 2015
Very good value at £7 a month, may I say.

Jamie Wolff, Chambers Street Wines, NYC, 22 June 2015
The only issue I take with you (and your team) is that there’s too much good stuff to read, and I’m constantly falling behind and have a ridiculously large number of articles bookmarked for hopeful future reference.

Eileen Duffy, wine writer, US, 12 June 2015
Wow, never let it be said Purple Pagers don't get back to you right away!

Tom Munro, Australia, 25 May 2015
Love your articles and other material. Really pleased with my subscription.

Fredrik Sorum Andersen, Norway, 2 May 2015
Hi, I've been a subscriber for a couple of days now and just wanted to express how immensely impressed I am with the quality of this site! Do keep up the excellent work – I can't for the life of me understand why I haven't signed up previously :-)

Jason Ripley, Canada, 28 April 2015
Love the site, it's a great resource for me.

Richard Connell, UK, 26 April 2015
Your notes help me educate my children, solicitor, GP etc. The loss of Parker is only important in calculating probable values for what my children, solicitor and GP are likely to realise at auction. Meanwhile you remain the gold standard.

Mark de May, 26 April 2015
Stylistically speaking no one writes about wine like you! In comparison, reading XXXXX is like browsing a phone book.

Anthony Alexander, Australia, 26 April 2015
Let me assure you, I’m very interested in all things claret. I drink claret mainly (but not exclusively) and rely heavily on your taste which I both admire and appreciate. Please keep the reports coming: without them, I wouldn’t know what the quality of the new wines is.

Raman J Ghei, US, 24 April 2015
I have found over time that I like what you like and also how valuable it is to know which of the ever increasingly expensive wines are not worth pursuing. Thanks again for all your work, it's truly invaluable to me.

Dave Todd, 14 November 2014
Your website and pages are an amazing fund of information and updates for me and my clients get the full benefit as I pass on the info as I guide them.

Etienne Hugel, France, 3 October 2014
Just admired your new site, gorgeous, BRAVO.

Jason McFall, London, 19 September 2014
Congratulations on leading such a great transformation of jancisrobinson.com - it's a great improvement, and now the style and design of the site lives up to the excellence of the writing.

Fiona Morrison MW, Belgium, 5 September 2014
Love the new design of the website – great improvement and so much easier to find my way around the site. I would also add that I think the LEARN section is a great service to anyone who wants to learn more about wine.

Ned Goodwin MW, thewanderingpalate.com, Australia, 3 September 2014
Great site.

Michael Schuster, wine writer and educator, London, 2 September 2014
Congratulations on the new format ... I know what it takes!

Jarek Morawski, Canada, 29 August 2014
We regard Jancis Robinson to be by far the best wine writer out there and have the most respect for her and her team’s opinions. We have been fans for a long time.

Trevor Gulliver, St John restaurant, London, 19 August 2014
There are plenty of blogs, subscriber services and free flannel out there, if you are paying then be brave and just pick one. For me that’s Jancis’ pages. Informed, a wealth of experience, broad in its coverage, a keen and enthusiastic team of tasters and I suggest integrity. I only have one subscriber reference these days. We try to avoid the web clutter when we are researching wines or generally keeping abreast of what’s new in wine world. For me it’s a simple choice, use Jancis.

Justin Coen, 18 August 2014
Many congratulations on the launch of your new website, it’s terrific.

Barbara Baxter, Planet Wine, US, 18 August 2014
Love your writing and empathy for the realities of wine sales!

Corinne Mentzelopoulos, Ch Margaux, France, 12 August 2014
Many many congratulations. I can barely imagine the number of meetings, hard work and headaches it must have taken you and your team to accomplish this [new website design].

Michael Reiff, US, 8 August 2014
Nice new website. Thanks for the wonderful writing while we enjoy our wines.

Rachel Provost, Vietnam, 8 August 2014
New format is brilliant, particularly the OCW!

Stephen Watson, UK, 8 August 2014
I think the new site design is a great aesthetic and functional leap up from the previous site, so well done to all. I feel guilty about cancelling my subs but as you say 'We over-deliver!'. I just could not keep up with the flood of articles you amazing people produce (and it was definitely not quantity instead of quality damn you, it was both!) but given that I'm not employed at the moment I'm afraid, perversely, I wasn't able to afford to not read so much of what I was paying for! I intend that when I'm in paid work again I will rejoin and be profligate. :-)

Tom Packer, Canada, 7 August 2014
Congratulations on the new format of your website. It provides me with straight forward access to all of the fantastic content you provide. I love this site. Thank you! 

Emma Pike, Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours, UK, 25 July 2014
Access to the entire site is a wonderful gift, like having a complete wine encyclopaedia at the click of a button!

The following responses are taken from our 2013 (anonymous) members' survey:

    I'm a longtime subscriber and in continual awe at JR and JR.com's output.

    There is a good balance between fine wine and everyday wine comment.

    Nice mix of articles and excellent forum.

    I think it is pretty close to perfect as it stands.

    JancisRobinson.com is the best.

    The content is consistently excellent.

    Michael Carlin, Belgium, 2010
    Easy to read, frequent updates, great tasting-notes search function. 

    Nathan Lee, UK, 2010
    It is constantly updated with very interesting news from the world of wine. It has a very wide variety (virtually all regionsand all grape types!) of brilliant tasting notes. I also value interaction with the authors and other members in the members' forum. 

    Richard Connell, UK, 2010
    She publishes her views first and doesn't wait to check her grades against others.

    Michael Heintz, director of a wine company's marketing communications, California, 2010
    The writing is superb, the breadth of coverage excellent, as is having the Oxford Companion online. 

    Brian Daunheimer, President, Grand Père Wines, Minneapolis, US 2010
    I've come to trust Jancis' palate. 

    Reid V Rapport, Florida, 2010
    BY FAR – the most informed and organised source, PLUS the online Oxford and maps. 

    Charles Bartlett, UK, 2010
    The intelligence of the articles and members is exceptional – no other wine resource comes close to their high standards and thoughtfulness of their articles. 

    Bill Hargrove, Texas, 2010
    I like critics/wine journalists who express a clear opinion, even if I disagree. JR is quite forthright in her perspective, but also aware of and sensitive to differing points of view. That solid grounding with respect for dissenting opinions is important to me. It helps me to understand more about the wines she covers. I also like the members' forums for the same reason – good give-and-take from people with opinions. 

    Mary Parker, Germany, 2010
    Expert knowledge base with lots of information available. Up-to-the-minute articles about current issues in the wine world and great tasting notes/articles. Members' forum interesting and informative. 

    Conor Cunningham, Norway, 2010
    An affordable, readily accessible source of information from a writer that I take seriously. 

    Leigh Johnson, UK, 2010
    I admire their sheer energy! The vast number of tasting notes of new and older wines, the ability to search the tasting section and its integration with CellarTracker. I value their honest and independent assessment hugely, and the fact they are not selling anything increases the trust (and that's from a salesman!). As a technical reference JR.com is unbeatable.  

    Doug Bond, Scotland, 2010
    The articles are written by genuine experts without ever coming across as dogmatic. Some other wine writers confuse their opinions with fact whereas the articles here are full of facts, have an opinion but recognise that wine is ultimately a subjective subject and differing opinions exist and may be equally valid. 

    Gavin Quinney, Ch Bauduc, Bordeaux, 2010
    The writing is authentic, genuine and JR is demonstrably appreciative of subscribers. Regularly updated content is key. I use RSS so having headings to hand in Firefox makes it very easy to access. 

    Wai Kwong Ho, Japan, 2010
    It is an excellent resource for a wide variety of wine related interests. Tasting notes, inside information and access to the many other resources are invaluable to anyone interested in wine. In addition, good discussions and insights can also be found in the members' forum. 

    Ned Goodwin, Japan, 2010
    Well-written; highly approachable and informative. Manages to straddle the very delicate precipice between gentle irreverence and high-brow. 

    David Witts, Hong Kong, 2010
    Easy to navigate. I'm almost certain that most of the information I generally need is easy to hand. The purple pages are an invaluable resource. 

    Ian Hesketh, UK, 2010
    Manages to continue the best traditions of intelligent and thoughtful print journalism in a pretty alien environment! 

    Fraser Wilson, Vietnam, 2010
    I tend to agree with the majority of the tasting notes. The site is easy to navigate and comprehensive. Any questions tend to be dealt with pretty quickly. 

    Marcus Ford, China, 2010
    The quality of writing is exceptional and as members we have daily information and updates from JR and team in a very personal way. 

    Zain Dawoodi, Spain, 2010
    What I like best is the fact that we know the utterly impartial and knowledgeable Jancis is behind it. 

    Isa Bal, head sommelier, The Fat Duck, UK, 2010
    I like the fact that the work is done by professionals that I can trust and update my knowledge through the website. I also enjoy the fact that I can access to Oxford Companion and the Atlas all in one site. 

    Gregory Edwards, UK, 2010
    The independent nature of the comments and opinions – Jancis and team are really honest about wine! 

    Markus Stolz, Greece, 2010
    So professional. 

    Baub Kabala, Netherlands, 2010
    No other wine website has such a rich and enjoyable content as JR.com. The writing style is just marvellous, as mind blowing as the best wines. 

    Giampiero Nadali, Italy, 2010
    I appreciate the professional competence, the inside view of the wine business, and British humour. 

    Michael Fridjhon, leading wine writer, South Africa, 2010
    All embracing – a single-stop source of information across wine and wine-related fields – reliable, independent, free of commercial interest, succinct, highly readable (it's a pleasure rather than a duty to read). Great search engine. 

    Robb Horesovsky, sommelier, Las Vegas, 2010
    What I like best is the lack of influence that the industry has on the reviews/ratings and opinions expressed. 

    Mark Astbury, UK, 2010
    Great palate. Good tasting notes and DAILY articles. 

    Tobias Treppenhauer of www.weinlakai.de, Germany, 2010
    There's an enormous amount of content. 

    Yommi Pawelke, New Zealand, 2010
    Gives a non American perspective. 

    Ian Symonds, Hong Kong, 2010
    I think I joined right at the start? I enjoy just perusing through all those opinions and half-arsed comments that challenge me and my thinking – all great stuff. 

    Jim Cramer, San Diego, California, 2010
    The online Oxford Companion is incredibly useful and fast, and the content is outstanding. 

    Jane Skilton MW, New Zealand, 2010
    It's simple, easy to navigate and has interesting articles. I enjoy the food content via Nick Lander. It's worth the cost just to have the Oxford Companion online. 

    Donald Edwards, UK, 2010
    The whole site is blissfully free of the unnecessary hyperbole that affects certain sites. The forum (while occasionally a bit quiet) is wonderfully calm and well behaved. Also I think that I tend not to disagree with Jancis tastes in wine. 

    Margaret Smith, Scotland, 2010
    Candid, honest views and a person that I can rely on to answer any question I put to her. 

    Richard Connell, UK, 2010
    She publishes her views first and doesn't wait to check her grades against others. 

    Llyn Strelau, Calgary, Canada, 2010
    I like everything about the site! But the primary attraction is being a part of a community of like-minded wine lovers. The incredible breadth of knowledge of the 'experts' and professionals is complemented by the rest of us members in our quest to learn as much as we can about the vinous world. I have immense respect for Jancis as founder of JR.com and it is she who is responsible for attracting the community that I am so happy to be part of. 

    David Doyle, California, 2010
    I like the non-American perspective on wines and the depth of the articles. There's also more breaking news available than elsewhere. 

    Greg Bennett, UK, 2010
    Jancis is usually on the same wine calendar as me – ie tasting en primeurs for Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhône etc when I'm looking to buy them which is massively helpful. She also provides the best all-round guide to wine. She and Julia provide a great overview and details on everything. Overall, I think my palate tends to agree with her more than some of the others – rather important when buying. 

    Iain Paterson, UK, 2010
    I like the friendly, relaxed community feel, the ease of access to information and the regular updating of tasting notes. 

    Philip Edey QC, UK, 2010
    What I like best is the amount of very regular new content from JR and the 'purity' or integrity of the site content (including the absence of advertising). 

    Andrew Graham, Australia, 2010
    I appreciate the high standard of writing and sheer volume of quality articles. 

    What the media say about JancisRobinson.com

    Robert Joseph, Wine Business International, 3 September 2021
    … if [JancisRobinson.com] were available in print form, [it] would arguably outclass everything else on the market in its combination of breadth and depth.

    Elin McCoy, Wine & Spirits, Bloomberg News, 13 August 2014
    Like the new website design very much.

    Ryan Opaz, wineconversation.com, 8 August 2014
    I wanted to send a much deserved congratulations on the new site. I know what it takes to make such a big change and you seem to have pulled off a win! Well done.

    Sally Prosser, mycustardpie.com, January 2013
    Provides some of the most intelligent wine writing available. 

    Eric Asimov, New York Times, November 2012
    Is any English-speaking wine authority in the world more influential than Jancis Robinson? 

    Mary Orlin, The Huffington Post, October 2011
    Jancis Robinson... the most prolific wine writer out there...is always a good read and a great teacher... reviews and articles about the wine world that are opinionated yet thoughtful. 

    Evan Goldstein MS, US food and wine writer, January 2010
    A wonderful combination of tasting notes, news, food information, and opinion from possibly the most influential wine journalist in the world. 

    Doug Cook, founder of AbleGrape.com and Director of Search at Twitter, 2009
    If there is a wine site on the internet worth its subscription fee, this is it. Purple pages might well be the best wine site on the web. 

    Valérie Leclercq, TAST – Bettane & Desseauve, 2009
    The celebrated Brit and superb graphics give you a lot to see for nothing. ... Sobriété, eclecticism and pleasure are there to be enjoyed. 

    Robert M Parker Jr, Wine Buyer's Guide, 7th edition, 2008
    Anyone interested in fine wine ought to subscribe. 

    The Guardian6 September 2008
    The website of Jancis Robinson, one of the world's most respected and independent wine writers, is a veritable Aladdin's cave of information and opinion. Just relaunched, and constantly updated, it is lively, witty, eminently accessible, and certain to keep you the toast of the dinner party circuit. Do not miss the wonderful free content, including the latest news and views. The best bits however, are contained within the members-only Purple Pages where you can read thousands of tasting notes (with scores and suggested drinking dates), insider information, gossip and fine wine facts, as well as the cosmopolitan members' forum – described as 'the most courteous wine forum on the planet' by La Revue du Vin de France. As if that weren't enough to keep you busy, members also enjoy unlimited access to the only online versions of the award-winning classic Oxford Companion to Wine and the brilliant maps of the World Atlas of Wine.

    Doug Frost MS MW, Kansas City.com, 2 May 2007
    Numerous websites, chat rooms and bulletin boards have added to the lustre of certain writers (Jancis Robinson), challenged others' reputations (Robert Parker, Wine Spectator) and brought new attention to particular grapes, regions and brands. JancisRobinson.com is the single best site on the Web for wine information. Her lucid essays offer a straightforward snapshot of the wider world of the grape. 

    Sharon Kapnick, Time magazine19 January 2007
    There are plenty of less famous wine sites that are also worth savoring: jancisrobinson.com. Britain's Jancis Robinson has been called the Julia Child of wine. Robinson's advice is impeccable, her wit dry and her take on wine refreshingly non-American. 

    Richard Ehrlich, Independent on SundayOctober 2006
    Jancis Robinson's www.jancisrobinson.com, though it isn't officially a blog, is updated so regularly (when does she sleep?) that it might as well be. 

    Tom Cannavan, Wine Report 2007, September 2006
    JancisRobinson.com has had a makeover since Wine Report 2006 but it remains independent and free of advertising. An online version of theOxford Companion to Wine is one of its killer applications. Subscription is £69 per annum ($119 or 99 euros) – not cheap but the quality is high. 

    Robin Garr of www.wineloverspage.com, May 2006
    Based on content and value, I'd take it in an instant over Wine Spectator or Robert M. Parker Jr's Wine Advocate at comparable prices. 

    Los Angeles Times survey of wine websites, 22 February 2006
    For my money, the site worth paying for is JancisRobinson.com. 

    Virginie Boome, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 2006
    To many, one of the best examples of wine journalism on the web.