Brunello 2019 – the single-vineyard and selezione wines

San Polino in Montalcino, Italy, looking through the vines

Carrying on from Walter's Brunello 2019 overview and reviews of the estate wines, this collection of wines shows that quality in 2019 isn't a matter of north v south, but is a case-by-case matter. Above, the San Polino estate, which produced one of Walter's highest-scoring wines from his tastings (photo courtesy Katia Nussbaum).

Many Brunello estates produce single-vineyard wines and/or wines made from a selection of the best grapes alongside their estate wine. The estate wines, known locally as Brunello Classico, were reviewed yesterday. Reviews of Brunello Selezione and single-vineyard expressions appear below.

The 66 wines from the 2019...