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  • Richard Hemming MW
Written by
  • Richard Hemming MW
31 Aug 2018

The world's community of Masters of Wine got that little bit less rare today thanks to the addition of 10 newly anointed MWs. There are now 380 across the world, and the 10 newcomers are based in five countries: Canada, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA. They include six women as well as the world's youngest MW, Tom Parker MW of Farr Vintners, who was also my first mentee and managed to gain those elusive initials in the minimum-possible three years. 

Many congratulations to them all. The full press release can be read on the IMW website, and we have included details of their research papers below, covering such diverse topics as appassimento winemaking in Niagara, selling Xinomavro in New York City, and software that predicts fungal disease.

Almudena Alberca MW (Spain)
Comparative analysis of filtration techniques for young oaked Tempranillo wines from Ribera del Duero

Barbara Drew MW (UK)
The influence of vocabulary on perception of wine: tasting tannins in Barolo and Brunello

Olga Karapanou Crawford MW (USA)
Challenges and opportunities for selling wines in premium New York City restaurants made from niche grape varieties. Xinomavro is used as an example

Regine Lee MW (UK)
The value of relationship-building in the wine industry: an analysis of trade customer visits to producers and their impact on sales

Elsa Macdonald MW (Canada)
Consumer appeal of Appassimento wines produced in Niagara Peninsula, Ontario

Thomas Parker MW (UK)
Stock movement for 2005 Red Bordeaux purchased En Primeur through a UK wine merchant 2006-2016

Lindsay Pomeroy MW (USA)
A study of water monitoring technology in the drought-affected counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and San Diego: current usage, attitudes towards technologies and factors that influence adoption

Nicolas Quillé MW (USA)
Impact of selected fining agents on the phenolic content and the aromatic intensity of Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains

Job de Swart MW (Netherlands)
Grape Compass: evaluating the results of a fungal disease pressure forecast software application for Western Cape grape growers

Tim Triptree MW (UK)
Reserve wine use in Brut NV Champagne: trends, causes and implications