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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Alex on taste

    How to bet on burgundy - and win

    I'm just back from an awesome holiday in California. I mean 'awesome' strictly in the modern sense, of course; in other words, I enjoyed myself. While…

    4 Sep 2012 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Fairness, blind tasting and Beethoven

    Every now and then, if I get a bit of free time at the weekend, I suffer a perverse urge to tackle a Beethoven piano sonata. And when I say 'tackle',…

    2 Aug 2012 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Coke, Cartier-Bresson and California Cabernet

    Imagine: it's speed-dating night for wine geeks. 'So, are you five, 20 or 100?' A nice gambit - or is it? Is asking someone their preferred scoring…

    3 Jul 2012 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    The lost eon of lunch

    Many congratulations to Alex, our London-based monthly columnist whose despatches alternate with those of Alder Yarrow of San Francisco, for having…

    7 Jun 2012 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    The problem with perfection

    Perhaps it's a British thing. We are wary of over-enthusiasm, and condescending towards excessive praise. At least, that's the stereotype, and I…

    2 May 2012 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    When is a wine at fault?

    'You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Judith Sheindlin.' Oh bliss! 'The people are real ... the cases are real ... the rulings are final.' Oh…

    4 Apr 2012 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Is typicity always good?

    All wine merchants need a few sobering moments in their lives. My most recent came when accidentally watching Celebrity Great British Bake Off, in…

    23 Feb 2012 Alex Hunt MW