The 30-year collaboration of the Araujos and Françoise Peschon

Nigel Kinsman and Françoise Peschon

Their enduring Napa partnership has resulted in exemplary wines of structure, elegance and transparency. Winemaker Nigel Kinsman is pictured above (credit: Jimmy Hayes) with Françoise Peschon.

This year’s harvest marks 30 years since admired winemaker Françoise Peschon started making wine with Bart and Daphne Araujo. What makes that remarkable is not only that they’ve worked together now for three decades (which is already uncommon), but that it’s been through multiple wineries.

The Araujos are icons of Napa Valley wine. Their eponymous estate, established at the Eisele vineyard just east of the town of Calistoga, came to fame in the 1990s...