A new, improved feature on the site

Over this holiday weekend we have achieved a major, long-standing goal, to amplify the tasting notes list on this site so that it’s a guide not just to the vintage assessments in the classic regions but includes all the articles that have ever been published in our tasting notes section.
This means you can go and find, for example, a shortcut to all the articles ever published with tasting notes on, say, the Rhône Valley, or Australia. Incidentally, a collection of tasting notes on Rhône 2006s, other than the major surveys of Châteauneuf 2006s already published, will be available here soon, and we will be adding to our already impressive set of Australian tasting  notes with a selection of notes on some of Australia’s seriously impressive ‘stickies’ as well as notes on the extraordinary collection of ancient fortified wines that have been acquired by the new owners of Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley, the home of Australian fortifieds.
The new lists are useful for us too. They highlight, for instance, how relatively few serious tasting notes we have published on South Africa –look out for an important set of them later this week.
Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the very varied collection of tasting notes articles that languish under the glamorous heading ‘Other’. I never realised we had quite so much coverage of Israeli wines, for example.
We hope you find this new resource as useful as we do.