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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
24 Feb 2009

On the members' forum there has been lively discussion and general appreciation of Wine, the latest wine series on the BBC (Mondays 9pm BBC4). Last night's episode featured Ch Margaux and a lot of rain. Here's a chance to see another sequence on Bordeaux, an out-take from Oz and James's Big Wine Adventure, but at a slightly less often glorified level, at Ch Bauduc near Créon in Entre-Deux-Mers.

Proprietor and British ex-pat Gavin Quinney explains:

Unfortunately, we hit the cutting room floor and our five minutes of fame ended up being on the DVD of the series, but not going out on the Beeb. Oz was a bit disappointed, as we're old friends and I'd helped put the first part of the tour together with their research team.

There were two reasons that we didn't appear, apparently. One was that in the aftermath of the Richard Hammond accident the following month, and before the Oz and James show was broadcast, someone was unhappy about the drink driving aspect of the piece. The other was that we didn't fit in with the Bordeaux image they were portraying. The wine was a bit cheap and we appeared as being sane, normal people. Well, almost.

See videoclip here 

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