Burgundy 2014 – the guide


28 January 2016 Just in case you missed the fact that we have finished our comprehensive coverage of the attractive 2014 Burgundy vintage, we are re-publishing this guide – for one final time – as today's Throwback Thursday offering. (See also today's first instalment of Walter's coverage of the Brunello di Montalcino tastings that took place during London's Burgundy Week.)

26 January 2016 Phew. We now think that our 14 tasting articles on these fascinating wines are complete. They include 2,024 tasting notes in total, including reviews of 133 Beaujolais, and each is prefaced with an introduction that I have tried to make as informative as possible. I would like to thank Tam (helped by her colleague Emily Percival) for doing the most amazing job in double-quick time, straight after all those wonderful book reviews. And also of course Julia and Richard, without whom we could not possibly have offered you nearly as much coverage of this interesting vintage. Hawkeye Harding was able to check most but not all of the tasting notes before going off to New Zealand last weekend, so do please let us know via Contact if you spot any mistakes.

19 January 2016 Tam has somehow managed to upload all of my tasting notes so that in the database there are now more than 1,500 tasting notes on 2014 Burgundy (including Beaujolais) and she expects to add the rest of Julia's, perhaps as many as 200, by Friday. Richard still has some to add but is spending this week in Rust, Austria, on the Master of Wine study course, so may not be able to add all of his before next week. Do keep checking the tasting articles, to which we continue to add introductions.

11 January 2016 London's Burgundy Week starts today, with 20 different tastings that we know of in the next three days alone. On Saturday we published the introduction to our A tasting article. Today we will publish the introduction to B, and so on. But it may be some time before we edit them to our usual standard. We will continue to add tasting notes to these tasting articles over the next two weeks.

9 January 2016 This is just the start of our massive burgundy 2014 coverage. Over the next two weeks, we will continue to add more tasting notes and successive introductory texts to the tasting articles, which I hope you will find illuminating. To give you some idea, we published 1,881 tasting notes on the 2013 burgundies. 

We've broken down the reviews into even more tasting articles than usual, 14, as vast numbers of tasting notes in one article become rather difficult to digest and even more difficult to manage at the back end of the site. We have, however, stuck to our usual format of dividing the tasting notes into alphabetical groups by producer (sur)name. As always, when searching for a particular producer, ignore words such as Domaine, Maison, de, la, etc.

Please let us know via editorial@jancisrobinson.com if you spot any typos or inconsistencies.

Below the list of tasting articles are links to all other articles related to the burgundy 2014 vintage. If you're planning on bolstering your cellar, this is the list of UK merchants offering Burgundy 2014s en primeur.

Specialist wine photographer Jon Wyand took this picture chez Jacques Carillon.


Burgundy 2014 – A

Burgundy 2014 – B

Burgundy 2014 – C

Burgundy 2014 – D

Burgundy 2014 – E

Burgundy 2014 – F

Burgundy 2014 – G

Burgundy 2014 – H-J

Burgundy 2014 – L

Burgundy 2014 – M

Burgundy 2014 – N-O

Burgundy 2014 – P

Burgundy 2014 – Q-R

Burgundy 2014 – S-V

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