Burgundy 2021 – UK merchants making offers

Pour sparingly

14 January 2023 We are republishing this as we have been adding many links to various merchants' current offers. See also this guide to our coverage of 2021 burgundies.

6 December 2022 Below is a list of the UK merchants we suspect may be offering 2021 burgundies en primeur, although the volumes are much smaller than usual this year, limiting the number of different wines produced as well as the quantities of each wine being sold. For the same reason, some merchants, for example A&B Vintners, Armit, Corney & Barrow, Lay & Wheeler and H2Vin, are not holding the tastings they usually hold during Burgundy Week (c 9–13 January) this year, so we may not be able to taste as many wines as usual. And even more wines than usual will be available on allocation only.

The list is provisional and based on those who have made offers in the past. Merchants in bold have already confirmed that they are offering the 2021s. Where they have an offer on their website, we've linked to it, or will do so once the offer is published. (The dates in brackets indicate when the offers are predicted to go live.)

Feel free to suggest updates to this list via editorial@jancisrobinson.com.

Please note that many, if not most, wines may be offered by several different merchants.

A&B Vintners (January, though some wines have already been allocated)
Appellations (Jadot and their properties)
Armit Wines (10 January)
Asset Wines
Atlas Fine Wines
Averys Wine Merchants
Bancroft Wines (11 January; contact marketing@bancroftwines.com)
Berry Bros & Rudd
The Big Red Wine Company
Bon Coeur Fine Wines
Bottles Wine Merchants (Vindependents)
Bowes Wine 
Brunswick Fine Wines
Cambridge Wine Merchants (Vindependents)
Caviste (Vindependents)
Clarion Wines
Clark Foyster
Corney & Barrow (9 January)
Cru World Wine (including Boisset, Bouchard, Tawse, Marchand-Tawse, Fevre, Faiveley, Louis Latour, Louis Jadot)
Davy's Wine Merchants
Define (Vindependents)
Grape Minds (Vindependents)
H2Vin (customer enquiries to orders@h2vin.co.uk; final cut-off for customer requests is Tuesday 17January @ 5pm)
Handford Wines
Haynes Hanson & Clark
Hayward Brothers
Hennings Wine Merchants (Vindependents)
Honest Grapes
Howard Ripley (9 January)
Jeroboams (10 January)
Justerini & Brooks (12 January)
L'Assemblage (January, starting with domaines A-F Gros, Tawse, Marchand-Tawse, Henri Boillot, Rapet, des Pedrix, Felletig, François de Givry, Georges Lignier, Yvon Clerget, Remoissenet, with others to follow) 
Latimer Vintners (contact wine@latimervintners.com)
Lay & Wheeler (4 January)
Lea & Sandeman
Le Grappin (January via the mailing list)
Michael Sutton's Cellar
Montrachet Fine Wine Merchants
Mr & Mrs Fine Wine (Vindependents)
Mr Wheeler Fine Wine (10 January but some wines already on their website)
NY Wines of Cambridge (Vindependents)
Old Chapel Cellars (Vindependents)
Planet of the Grapes (Vindependents)
Private Cellar (contact hello@privatecellar.co.uk)
Raeburn Fine Wines (contact sales@raeburnfinewines.com)
Reserve Wines (Vindependents)
Richard Kihl
Robert Rolls (contact jack@robertrolls.com)
The Sampler (Vindependents)
Satchells (Vindependents)
Sheldons (Vindependents)
Stannary Wine
Stone, Vine & Sun (they are holding a tasting, 6–8.30 pm on Thursday 19 January at Milner Hall, 9 St Peter Street, Winchester, S023 8BW; tickets are £15 and available here)
Tanners Wine Merchants - see offer
Taurus Wines (mid January)
Vineking (Vindependents)
Vinum (including Boisset)
Wimbledon Wine Cellars
The Wine Society (20 February)
Woodwinters (Vindependents)