Cork Dork – book review


There is strong message from Tam about the third example of her 40+ recent book reviews that she has chosen as the three to re-publish free.

Cork Dork
A wine-fuelled journey into the art of sommeliers and the science of taste
Bianca Bosker
Published by Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760632205

£9, $17

Bianca Bosker was a tech reporter, and the kind of person who drank wine without bothering to look at the label. Wine tasted like wine. Her Damascus moment was at a restaurant when a sommelier happened to mention he was preparing for a competition. She has no recollection what they drank that night, but the very concept of a sommelier competition snagged her curiosity.

This is her story of how she decided to write about these strange people for whom blind tasting was blood sport and, in doing so, became one herself.

And it's such a good story, so brilliantly, brilliantly written, that when I told Julia I had no idea how to write a review that would do it justice, that all I wanted to write was GO READ THIS BOOK, Julia suggested that I do exactly that. And I've taken her advice.

Make this the first book you buy in 2018. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK.