German 2015s – a guide


The 2015 vintage in Germany is clearly exceptional. We have already covered it in some detail and this guide is arguably long overdue. The articles below are listed in order of publication, most recent first. This picture of 2015's splendid grapes in Rheinhessen was taken by Klaus Peter Keller.

German Pinotland (Jancis Robinson, Free for all) 9 September 2017

2015 GGs – rest of the Rieslings (Jancis Robinson and Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 23 September 2016

2015 GGs – Mosel and Nahe Rieslings (Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 21 September 2016

German whites – anything but Riesling (Jancis Robinson, Free for all) 17 September 2016

2015 GGs – whites other than Rieslings (Jancis Robinson and Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 15 September 2016

Yet more Mosel 2015s (Michael Schmidt and Jancis Robinson, Tasting articles) 15 August 2016

Mythos Mosel – lots more 2015s (Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 1 August 2016

Howard Ripley fills in 2015 German gaps (Jancis Robinson, Tasting articles) 27 June 216

Rheinhessen 2015s – the next generation (Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 24 May 2016

Germany's glorious 2015s – Pfalz (Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 20 May 2016

Germany's glorious 2015s – Rheingau (Michael Schmidt, Tasting articles) 17 May 2016

2015s, and a change in German tastes? (Jancis Robinson, Free for all) 14 May 2016

Germany's glorious 2015s – Mosel, Nahe, Rheinhessen (Jancis Robinson, Tasting articles) 11 May 2016

Kellers' 2015s – a once-in-a-lifetime vintage (Julia Harding, Tasting articles) 3 May 2016

Were Pfalz grapes really picked too early in 2015? (Michael Schmidt, Inside information) 14 January 2016

Germany 2015 – simply the best (Michael Schmidt, Free for all) 9 November 2015