GGs in Wiesbaden 2019 part 2 – Mosel and Nahe Rieslings

Michael Schmidt with fellow tasters of Grosse Gewächse in Wiesbaden, August 2019

Michael, extreme left in our picture behind the scenes at the 2019 Wiesbaden tasting, explains his position on the 2018 Grosse Gewächse Rieslings. See our guide to coverage of German 2018s.

When I wrote my introduction to part 1, I was a little dismissive of the Riesling GGs of 2018, which I tasted at the same event at the end of August 2019 in Wiesbaden. Looking at my notes on the Mosel and Nahe Grosse Gewächse now makes me think that I may have been a little too drastic in my criticism. It’s all a question of perspective and, fuelled...