Grosses Gewächs releases 2023, part 2 – everything but Riesling

Tasters and wine pourers assembled at the VDP GG tasting in Weisbaden August 2023

To follow up on yesterday’s Riesling GG reviews, Paula covers the best of the rest, especially highlighting Spatbürgunder and Silvaner successes. See also Jancis's report on dry German wines, including many GGs, tasted in London this month. Photo above by Franzi Stegemann.

Last year’s GG premiere was met with great fanfare as it represented 20 years of VDP Grosse Gewächse. Meaning that this year marked the year ‘GG’ turns 21. And while in Europe that number might not mean much, for many Americans such as myself it represents a coming of age, a rite of passage, a turning of...