Indie writing competition – Uncorked


Rich M Hughes writes this second published entry in our Indie writing competition:


My plaudits would always go to Jim Griffin and Andrew Rae at Uncorked at Bishopsgate, London. When I was a younger lawyer, I used to do boring legal talks for which I would receive wine tokens and, because they were close to my office, I`d go into Uncorked to spend them. Even though I was a very occasional and small-spend customer, Jim and Andrew were always incredibly helpful and friendly, and I always walked away informed, and with a great mixed case of wine as well as the feeling that I'd been with friends. Andrew would always be the voice of moderation, with Jim booming his stronger opinions, interspersed with his views that this really would be the year that Liverpool FC won something.



Twenty years on, Liverpool FC have still won nothing but Uncorked look after about 1,000 cases of wine for me, all bought with their advice, and the essential service has not changed. With the larger team, Colin adds a thoughtfulness to the buying process and the increasingly authoritative Zoe does her best to maintain order, but the service remains expert, personal, and fun. They do marvellous tastings and their free Friday drop-ins reflect the generosity of spirit in what they do. I commend them wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to enjoy wine as a drinker or a collector.

Exchange Arcade 
London EC2M 3WA 
tel +44 (0)20 7638 5998 
fax +44 (0)20 7638 6028