Northern Rhône 2019 whites – Viognier

Terraced vines at Château-Grillet, northern Rhône

See also this guide to our coverage of Rhône 2019. Above are the incredibly steep, terraced vineyards of Château-Grillet, now part of François Pinault's wine empire, Artémis Domaines.

2019 was a slightly mixed year for white wines in the northern Rhône, and particularly in Condrieu given Viognier’s modest acidity levels and propensity to become oily and soupy in hot vintages. Despite this, there were some superb wines that managed to catch the eye such as Stéphane Montez’s hedonistic La Grillette.

These 48 tasting notes comprise 47 Condrieus followed by Château-Grillet. They are ordered by descending score but you...