Nuits-St-Georges – a road runs through it, part 1

Géraldine Godot

There's much more to this Burgundy town than meets the eye. Part 1 of a two-part wine-tasting odyssey sees Matthew visit Domaines de l'Arlot, Robert Chevillon, Jean-Jacques Confuron, Faiveley, Henri Gouges and Lécheneaut. Above, Géraldine Godot, winemaker at Domaine de l'Arlot. See part 2 here.

Generally speaking, the only thing holding me in Nuits-St-Georges is the world's slowest traffic lights in front of the shuttered offices of Dufouleur Père & Fils as your drive in from Vosne. From then on out, it’s foot down and on to Premeaux with ne’er a thought for the dust-encrusted facades that line Nuits’...