Our assemblages – a guide


17 August We feel you deserve a change from the Argentine vine-nuzzling piglets that adorned this article for the last five weeks. Richard took this picture of lab samples of young wines in Burgundy last month. Alas, after a series of small harvests, the 2016 crop there is likely to be shrunk by frost, in some cases very seriously. Burgundy prices continue their ascent. Our series of assemblages (the expanded Burgundy one was republished on 12 August) continues for the rest of this month. 

5 July We expect to have published a total of 23 assemblages of the team's tasting notes by the end of August, at a rate of about two a week from now on. Here is a guide to those that have already been published, most recent at the top. 

Greek assemblage 1 September

New Zealand assemblage 30 August

East of Venice 25 August

South African assemblage 23 August

Sweet and strong assemblage 18 August

Rhône assemblage 16 August

North American assemblage 11 August

Rest of Italy assemblage 9 August

Rest of France assemblage 4 August

Australian assemblage 2 August

Bordeaux assemblage 28 July

German, Austrian and Swiss assemblage 26 July

Piemonte assemblage 21 July

Spanish assemblage 19 July

Sparkling assemblage 14 July

Loire assemblage 11 July

Tuscan assemblage 7 July

South American assemblage 5 July 

Portuguese assemblage 29 June 

Languedoc-Roussillon assemblage 22 June

English assemblage 8 June 

Rosé assemblage 12 May

Burgundy assemblage 4 April (republished 12 August)