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  • Walter Speller
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  • Walter Speller
17 Sep 2009

I am involved with a pantomime project (see Vinderella) for The Benevolent, the organisation that helps members of the British wine and spirit trade, together with luminaries of the London wine trade such as wine writer and singer Charles Metcalfe, pictured here in rehearsal. It's directed by Daniel Illsley of Greenwich's Theatre of Wine.

Although we are doing very well, we are in need of more people joining us for various tasks, from backstage jobs to helping us people large scenes within the show, helping at the bar during the break, costume preparation, stage building - anyone really who is able and willing to contribute!

We also need tons of green fabric (can be anything, from old clothes to curtains, as long as it's fabric) for building the vineyards.

More information on the show can be had from Daniel ( and Jane Holly, who coordinates the show (