Paso Robles – the wines, part 2

Vailia From of Desparada, winemaker Natalie Brown of Rococo, and winemaker Riley Roddick of Hubba.

Parsing the differences within this California AVA. For an overview, see Paso Robles – the wines, part 1. Above, winemakers Vailia From of Desparada, Natalie Brown of Rococo and Riley Roddick of Hubba, all of whom make use of Paso's sub-AVAs.

While I am a notorious doubter of the utility of AVAs, Paso Robles makes a good argument for them. As noted in yesterday’s Paso primer, this 247,668-ha (612,000-acres) AVA is so large and diverse that the wines from one end of the AVA to the other can end up bearing as much resemblance to each other as you...