Pic St-Loup's modern identity

The Pic of Pic St-Loup rising behind a vineyard

A widespread move to organic farming and emphasis on freshness and purity of style make this young Languedoc appellation stand out.

Having climbed the ranks of the Languedoc hierarchy from VDQS (Vins de Qualité Supérieure) in the 1950s to Languedoc cru in 1994, Pic St-Loup finally gained full appellation status in 2017. So, how is this Syrah-dominated region of hill-slope and garrigue just north of the city of Montpellier (see this map) faring today?

Syrah in general in the Languedoc has its advocates and detractors. Planted as a cépage améliorateur (‘improving’ variety) in the late 20th century, the variety has...