Real progress in Ontario


After all the fuss made on this site about the thoroughly misleading labelling and marketing of 'Cellared in Canada' wines made up mainly of cheap, imported wine, I'm delighted to report that the authorities in Ontario, the main wine-producing province, have already announced a radical overhaul.

See here for details of how they will do away with tax incentives for the production of Cellared in Canada wines and will in future favour proper, Ontario, grown 'VQA' wines.

See here for the press release from the Wine Council of Ontario underlining the dramatic changes.

It seems a little unfortunate to this interested observer from across the Atlantic that the authorities in Ontario cannot stop themselves trying to score points off their counterparts in western Canada, the authorities in British Columbia who have been making their own moves in the right direction, as reported in Canadian giants start to clean up. But perhaps it is unreasonable to expect anything else. 

The most important thing is that Canadian consumers will be able to buy wine with very much more confidence in future that they understand exactly what is on offer.