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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
17 Dec 2005

At long last, our tasting note search is now available to all purple pagers who can search by wine name, producer, appellation, vintage and/or minimum score. I do hope you will find it useful. Just click on  tasting notes search at the bottom of the left hand menu to find the search form on which you can enter what you're looking for. We have tried to keep things as simple as possible.

At the moment all the tasting notes that have been published as part of an article in the tasting notes category of this site since its inception in dec 00 should be loaded into the database – the odd one twice, which is why you may occasionally think you are suffering from double vision. In future I will try to add many more random tasting notes even if they have not been published as part of specific articles.

Please note that the tasting notes list includes only the major horizontal surveys of one vintage of a particular type of wine. In the database and in the tasting notes section are thousands of tasting notes that are part of vertical tastings of a particular property or other specific topics.

I am very keen to include multiple tasting notes from different occasions when I have tasted the same wine as I believe a) each bottle and tasting occasion is different and b) wines evolve with time. For this reason all tasting notes are dated (in the bottom right hand corner) and in many cases you can build up a composite picture of how a wine is likely to taste.

We are still refining the search so we would welcome any feedback you can be bothered to give us.

I suggest that you key in to the main search box only those words that truly define the wine(s) you're looking for rather than words as 'Château' and 'Domaine'. Please be aware that we use the abbreviations 'Ch' and 'Dom' specifically.

We are also suffering from what should be a short term Aconcagua bug. For some strange reason this northern Chilean wine region has insinuated itself into an unwarranted number of tasting notes. Please ignore it while we do our best to remove it from the system.

You may also find certain terms repeated in wine names so that Premier Cru wines may be described as 'Premier Cru Premier Cru' or the odd Premier Grand Cru may be described simply as 'Premier Cru'. We hope this will not spoil your appreciation of an attribute this site has lacked for far too long.