A trio of Burgundian (relative) newcomers

Blagny vineyard

The latest offerings from Chapelle de Blagny, Mark Haisma and Dom Berthaut-Gerbet. See also this guide to our coverage of 2020 burgundy.

Chapelle de Blagny, Blagny

Etienne de Brechard and his naughty heavy bottles (he brought it up, not me) have been surveying the Sâone plain from his hilltop manor in Blagny (pictured below) since 2012. Tiring of a career in Parisian audio-visuel, de Brechard made a break for the country, taking up the reins of his wife Beatrice’s family domaine in the three-dog, four-field hamlet that is Blagny, perched high up the Côte on the border between...