What do you think about blind tasting?


12 January See the overwhelming results of this poll in Consumers prefer commentators to taste blind.

31 December We suspect you may well have had some other important preoccupations over the last 10 days, but we want to make sure you have a chance to let us know how you feel about the two simple multiple-choice questions in our poll below, republished today as part of our Throwback Thursday series. We'll be closing the poll soon so do please let us have your views. We'll report back on the results next week and are extremely grateful for all the valuable feedback so far. Enjoy your New Year's Eve celebrations tonight! 

21 December  In our tastings, do you prefer us to taste blind or not? 

Are you interested in the Bordeaux 2015 primeurs tastings in early April? 

Last week the Union des Grands Crus in Bordeaux communicated, inter alia, that they would no longer allow us wine writers to taste the primeurs offerings blind (see Bordeaux primeurs tastings shrunk). So that we can best match our plans to your requirements, we'd be grateful if you would answer two very simple multiple-choice questions. This poll is open to both members and non members of our Purple Pages.

To answer the two questions, click here.

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