Where to store wine in the UK


This is to alert you to the fact that Tamlyn Currin has recently completely updated our long article Professional wine storage in the UK, using Julia Harding's previous update of my earlier survey. She provides some useful observations about who is currently offering the best deals and had added one or two newcomers to this increasingly sought-after business opportunity.

This is just one of many articles in our Where to store section, itself one of a vast array of free information and opinion in our Resources category, which I suspect many visitors to this site ignore. (You can find it on the extreme right of the horizontal navigation bar along the top of any page.) Do look particularly at all the elements in Learn about wine, including all the profiles of grape varieties, regions, vintages and so on.

While the UK is a particularly popular place to store wine, even for non-British wine collectors, we are keen to provide as much information as possible on trustworthy suppliers of professional storage facilities elsewhere in the world, so do please take a look at our many articles on storage elsewhere and feed back any suggestions for additions and updates. The best way to do this would be via Contact/General enquiries at the bottom of any page, but you could also use the Add a comment box below.

Many thanks in advance.